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Healthy_Footwear_Guide_3_Colour_RGB_150_dpiDid you know that Hotter is a member of the Healthy Footwear Guide?

The Healthy Footwear Guide is a collaboration between UK footwear brands and foot health professionals. The aim of the group is to help people make healthy choices when buying footwear and to encourage shoemakers to consider the health of their customers’ feet when designing their products.

Dr Mike Curran, Ph,D, MBA, MPhil, Chair of the Healthy Footwear Guide

Dr Mike Curran, Ph.D, MBA, MPhil, Chair of the Healthy Footwear Guide

According to Dr Mike Curran, Ph.D, MBA, MPhil, Chair of the Healthy Footwear Guide and Associate Professor Podiatry, University of Northampton: “Feet are particularly vulnerable and the HFG specifically seeks to identify everyday footwear which has the potential to fit well and to provide a comfortable and secure environment. To qualify as ‘healthy footwear’ a shoe must meet eleven criteria including heel stability and height, softness and flexibility and adequate width and depth.

The Hotter shoes which have been approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide have all successfully passed our 11 point assessment; we would class them as ‘healthy footwear’ which should provide great comfort and wear qualities if the fit of the shoe is good.  They offer adjustability and come with some half size and width options, which teamed with great advice and support from Hotter Personal Shoppers, will help wearers find the fit that is perfect for them.



A selection of the Hotter ladies shoes which have been approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide. 

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What are the Healthy Footwear Guidelines?

Shoes that are approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide must pass all the following criteria:

  • Toe box allows normal foot function for the wearer
  • The width and depth must be adequate for the individual’s foot function
  • The sole encourages the foot to function normally
  • The upper and lining are soft and flexible
  • The heel is stable and is approximately 25mm
  • The ‘in shoe’ climate promotes a healthy environment for the foot
  • The shoe provides reasonable protection
  • The shoe retains its fitness of purpose for a reasonable period of time
  • The shoe must not noticeably slip on the foot
  • Product advice and support must be provided
  • The grip of the sole must meet industry standards

A selection of the Hotter men’s shoes which have been approved by the Healthy Footwear Guide.

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Don’t forget … Good footwear can help with a range of foot problems including bunions, corns and callus, nail and skin problems and plantar fasciitis, and it’s important to wear the correct footwear if you have a range of conditions including arthritis and diabetes. Always consult a doctor or podiatrist for help with these conditions. 


Visit one of our Hotter stores nationwide, or call our free Personal Shopper service on 0800 083 3083, for support and advice about our full Hotter collection.

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  • Sylvia Edith Harvey says:

    Please can you tell me the difference between the tone shoe and the dew shoe. As I am in Australia it is quite hard to see the exact difference with just the photos. Many thanks Sylvia

  • Sheryl Aydelott says:

    Once I trace my feet, where do I find information to match measurements with a shoe size? Have been exploring your website for about an hour and have been unsuccessful in finding anymore. I don’t want to order a pair of shoes only to have them not fit and then have to return them. Thank you.

  • Melody Sheane says:

    Do any of your shoes provide motion control for overpronation. I have severe overpronation on my feet an require a shoe with some stability.

  • Karen Decker-Brown says:

    Once I discovered your shoes I have only bought only you brand. I have at least 8 pairs, mostly the shake shoes, but other styles as well. The reason is that I have severe Rheumatoid arthritis that affects my feet and your shoes are the best as far as comfort, fit, as well as a variety of styles that I love. I buy your shoes when you have a great sale (usually the -40% off) as I have never found another company that makes shoes as well made, comfortable, variety of colors, and surprise, surprise at a price I can afford. I have a bilateral foot deformity and finding comfortable fitting shoes from the moment ones feet are nestled in the foot pad until they are completely worn out at a reasonable price has been a challenge at the best and impossible at the least until finding your website. From now on you will find me a loyal customer and your best advertisement via mouth to mouth unless you decide to do what other companies have done, raise your prices until no longer affordable by the average shopper. That is my opinion of your shoes. I do have a request; that in planning spring colors you have the Shake shoes or one of the maryjane style be in the color yellow. It is very difficult to find shoes in that color, let alone well fitting and comfortable ones. Thanks for listening. Karen

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